About Us

TITANS MEDICARE, INC is a professional provider of the best hand solutions for consumers. We have decades of experience making and supplying disposable products across the medical industry, industrial industry, food industry, personal care, household, etc

In an increasingly challenging global marketplace, Titans Medicare manages risk to keep you competitive and customers safe. We pursue quality and innovation and provide excellence and the best customer service. We continuously explore customer needs and develop the best solutions for you.

FINITEX is our leading brand in the health & household industry, offering a wide range of disposable safety gloves, cleaning gloves, and work gloves to our customers.


Company Address:ย 15342 Elย Prado Rdย Suite 200, Chino, CA, 91710, US

Warehouse:ย 970 E.236thย Street, Carson, CA, 90745, US

E-mail:ย customerservice@titansmedicare.com

Tel: +1(574)218-9040