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Company & Brand


TITANS MEDICARE, INC is a professional provider of the best hand solutions for consumers. We have decades of experience making and supplying disposable products across the medical industry, industrial industry, food industry, personal care, household, etc

In an increasingly challenging global marketplace, Titans Medicare manages risk to keep our competitive and customers safe. We pursue quality and innovation and provide excellence and the best customer service. We continuously explore customer needs and develop the best solutions for you.

FINITEX is our leading brand in the health & household industry, offering a wide range of disposable safety gloves, cleaning gloves, and work gloves to our customers.


Company Address: 15342 El Prado Rd Suite 200, Chino, CA, 91710, US

Warehouse: 970 E.236th Street, Carson, CA, 90745, US

E-mail: customerservice@titansmedicare.com

Tel: +1(574)218-9040


FINITEX is the main brand of TITANS MEDICARE, INC in the health & household industry, offering a wide range of disposable safety gloves, cleaning gloves, and work gloves to you.

Why choose FINITEX?

1. Using durable nitrile

Made of durable nitrile compound, latex-free, powder-free, acid-resistant, oil-resistant, fit hand shape, reduce hand fatigue, suitable for long-term use

2. Good user reputation

Our FINITEX nitrile gloves are healthy, odorless, comfortable to wear and durable

3. Excellent elasticity, not easy to break

No leakage, can be used in liquids with confidence, and can directly contact wet objects

4.Adopt anti-slip pockmarked surface and micro-pocketed surface design, effectively anti-slip, get better grip and reduce work error rate

5. Take care of your hands anytime, anywhere and comfortable to wear

6.Ergonomic design that fits the hand shape, comfortable fit, flexible handling for any job

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Samples & Discounts

Can I get a free sample before I order?

I'm sorry we don't offer free samples. If you are unsure if a certain glove is right for you, we recommend ordering a small quantity to make sure you like it.

Can I get a discount code for my order?
You can usually find some discounts we are running on our website. Customers who sign up for our email list will receive exclusive discounts and promotions.
Is there a new customer discount?

Yes, we will issue coupons to newly registered customers. Please check your email after successful registration to get the coupon code.

Can I place a bulk order?

Yes, we also accept bulk orders and offer wholesale discounts.

There are detailed wholesale discounts on our products page. 

If you are interested in ordering more than 50 cases on a regular basis, then you may reach out to customerservice@titansmedicare.com for bulk pricing. Please include the quantity and type of glove you are interested in.


Nitrile Gloves

What is "mil" thickness?
Mil thickness refers to the density of the glove. Gloves with smaller mil thickness such as 3.5 mil, are lighter gloves that should be used for short duration light-duty tasks. Gloves with a higher mil thickness such as 8 mil, are heavier duty gloves that can be worn for longer periods of time with higher puncture and chemical resistance due to the thickness.
What’s the best thickness for nitrile gloves?
Many people prefer 3 mil nitrile gloves for light cleaning or food service, while nitrile gloves 4-5 mils thick for tasks ranging from tattooing to administering vaccines. For rougher jobs, such as industrial or automotive work, you may want the extra protection offered by 6-8 mil nitrile gloves.
Especially hazardous work might call for heavy-duty 9 or 10 mil disposable gloves.
We stock disposable gloves in 3~5mil thicknesses in different color to help you find the perfect one. Take a look at our nitrile glove thickness chart if you have questions!
What is special about nitrile gloves?
Nitrile gloves are acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, oil-resistant, non-toxic, harmless, and odorless.
They are made of synthetic nitrile materials which are acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, oil-resistant, non-toxic, harmless, and odorless. They do not contain proteins in latex that can easily cause allergic reactions in the human body. They are selected with advanced formulas and technology, soft to the touch, comfortable and non-slip, and flexible to operate.
The shape of purification nitrile gloves is designed according to the human hand shape and has great Sensitivity, excellent tensile properties and puncture resistance, high tensile strength, and excellent abrasion resistance.
Nitrile gloves offer softness, comfort, and fit. Features such as durability and safety.
How to select my size?
XS 2.1-2.9 inch 50-70mm
S 2.7-3.5 inch 70-90mm
M 3.3-4.1 inch 85-105mm
L 3.9-4.7 inch 100-120mm
XL 4.3-5.1 inch 110-130mm
XXL 5.1-5.9 inch 130-150mm

Tips: If you are hesitating between two sizes, take one size up pls.


What is the difference between latex and nitrile gloves?
Nitrile gloves offer better protection against biohazard and chemical exposure than latex gloves, and they're harder to tear or penetrate. They provide a similar level of elasticity, ensuring a snug fit, though some users feel that latex gloves allow slightly more tactile sensitivity.

Latex gloves are also much more likely to trigger allergic reactions due to their natural rubber composition. Non-latex rubber gloves — including nitrile gloves — are hypoallergenic.

Can nitrile gloves be used for food preparation?

Nitrile gloves work well for food preparation, service, and packaging due to their abrasion resistance, durability, and secure fit. These food-safe gloves provide a sturdy sanitary layer that conforms to your hands and won't hamper your movements while cooking or handling food. Nitrile food service gloves also eliminate the risk of triggering customer latex allergies.

Can nitrile gloves be used for medical exams?

Nitrile gloves can absolutely be used for patient exams, as well as many other procedures including injections, dispensing medication, and providing first aid. Many hospitals prefer nitrile medical exam gloves because they're latex-free and hard to rip. All of our FINITEXnitrile gloves are medical examination grade.

What industries are nitrile gloves suitable for?
Essential workers in industries all across the country rely on our work gloves to get the job done. These include:

▪Medical settings
▪High-risk settings (e.g. first responders)
▪Food processing
▪Industrial use
▪Tattoo artists
▪Animal care
▪Pest control
▪Post-mortem care

Payment & Shipping

Do you offer free shipping?
Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders $49.00+ for customers located in the continental United States.
Do you ship to PO Boxes, US Territories, or Military Bases?
Unfortunately, we don't offer shipping to PO Boxes, US Territories, or Military Bases at this time.
What payment methods do you accept?

Titans Medicare currently accepts Paypal, but we will have more potions in the near future.

How do i track my order?

Once you order is sent, we will send you email with detailed tracking information. 

You can also find a tracking number in your TITANS Account-My Order.

When can I receive my order?

Receiving Time: Processing Time+Shipping Time

Processing Time: Normally 1-2 Business Days 

Expedited Shipping Time: Normally 3-7 Business Days(For US customers)

Domestic Shipping (Continental U.S.)

Orders $49+ Free 3-7 Bussiness Days
Orders $0-$49 $10 Paid by Customer 3-7 Bussiness Days
Can I cancel my order?

Cancellations are only available before the product is shipped. If the order is canceled, you will be refunded. We can not cancel the order if the product is already processed by warehouse.

If your payment of an order has not been made yet, you may cancel it by clicking "Cancel order" in your account at Titansmedicare.com.

Pls contact us at customerservice@titansmedicare.com for any questions.

Where can I get an invoice for my order?
Please email us at customerservice@titansmedicare.com along with your order number, and request an invoice. We’ll send one over to you as soon as possible.

Return & Refund

What should I do if I receive damaged goods?

Unfortunately, it happens from time to time. If any item is incorrect, damaged or missing from your shipment, we will do everything in our power to get it right!

Please email us immediately after delivery at customerservice@titansmedicare.com to let us know. 

How do I initiate a refund?
For assistance with refunds, please kindly contact our Customer Service department at customerservice@titansmedicare.com.
What's your return policy?


All the items we sell are in new and unworn condition. if there are any questions about quality, Or have problems with defective/broken products, we will gladly exchange or refund the item. 
We accept returns on products. Customers have the right to request the return within 15 days of receipt. If you want to return your order, please notify us by email or live chat first, stating the reason and the order number please.

To be eligible for a return, the items must be unused and in original condition, Unworn, no brushing, etc. Tags attached (NOT Removed and Reattached). In its original box, wrapping, net, etc.

If you need to return or exchange, please contact us at customerservice@titansmedicare.com with your order number and product details before sending back the products.

Returns – Unopened Cases:
If a case of gloves has not been opened, you can return new, unopened cases within 15 days of delivery for a full refund of the returned cases, and we ask that you please cover the return shipping costs. You should expect to receive your refund applied to your PayPal account or another payment method you use to pay within 3 business days of the cases being received at our return center. It may take a few extra days to show up on your account statement. 

Returns – Opened Cases:
If a case of gloves has been opened. you can return the case of gloves with a restocking fee of $15 for each open case return and we ask that you please cover the return shipping costs– however, if you received an incorrect or damaged item, then the restocking fee will be waived. All opened cases are to be returned to our Carson, CA warehouse to receive a refund. 

You can exchange any item as needed within 15 days of delivery. A restocking fee of $15 will be applied to each case of gloves that has been opened. If you need to make an exchange for any reason, you will be responsible for return shipping costs. Please note that we can only exchange a case of gloves for another case of gloves (or multiple cases, up to the number of cases ordered) one time per order, subject to adjustments for the difference in price for the new gloves. 

Incorrect or damaged items
If any item is incorrect, damaged or missing from your shipment, we will do everything in our power to get it right! Please keep the damaged packaging/product - we may ask you to take photos of it. We will pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of damage or our error.

Please contact us at customerservice@titansmedicare.com with your order number and product details and we'll get the ball rolling for you.

Return to sender or refund deliveries
For any shipment where the order has been refused or returned, and Titansmedicare.com is not at fault, the order will be refunded minus the cost incurred shipping the product.

If you have any issues after receiving the products, please reach out to our customer service team and we will help support you.